Police Service Act Hearings Scheduled

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 13:27 PM

Two police officers are facing Police Service Act hearings this month. 

The first is September 20th at Police Headquarters and is in relation to a charge of discreditable conduct against Constable Boer. 

According to local police, the charge relates to an arrest of a man for public intoxication in October of last year. 

The second is set for September 28th at the Oliver Paipoonge Municipal Office and is in relation to a charge of neglect of duty against Detective Constable Rybak.

They say it relates to a 2013 drug investigation and maintaining possession and control of a notebook. 

City police say they'll be posting dates and the outcomes of these hearings on their website.  

Meanwhile, in May of this year Constable McKay is forfeiting 120 hours and undergoing remedial training after a hearing on neglect of duty.  

They say it's in relation to the officer failing to submit tasks in a timely manner for a theft investigation.