Smoke But No Fire At Senior's Facility

Posted on Monday, July 17, 2017 14:17 PM

Some scary moments at the Sister Leila Greco seniors apartments on 330 Lillie Street as smoke on the fifth floor forced officials to move residents to a safe location. 

A spokesperson for Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue says it was an unattended pot on the stove which caused the commotion just before 1 o'clock this afternoon.

Kelly Patterson says paramedics took one resident to the Regional Health Sciences Centre for observation and two others were treated at the scene. 

Patterson says the smoke managed to make its way to second floor of the building as well.

Residents of the fifth floor were moved to the fourth floor and because of the smokey conditions, others were told to stay in their apartments for their own safety

Patterson says it could have been much worse, since anytime you have a smoke or fire in a facility in which people aren't as mobile, it does cause problems.(Staff photos)